The biggest catalogue of audiocassettes in the world.

AGFABASF.COM is the biggest catalogue of audiocassettes in the world. It based on the personal collections of the leading collectors from Russia and Ukraine. Here you can find almost all the audiocassettes ever released by leading chemical companies from Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea and the United States, starting with the very first, the legendary tape the Philips (1963) and ending with the last instance of the early 2000s. All audiocassettes in this catalogue are structured according to data and model series. The  AGFA and BASF sections contain the history of all models these West Germany corporations ever producted since the late '60s.

You wont`t find cassettes that a shabby, greasy, or covered with writing pens or pencils  here. Even 50-year-old items are presented either new (!), or just in mint condition. The AGFABASF.COM contains over 9000 photos now.


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